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Founded as a full service distributor supplier in 1981, TradecorpUSA evolved from the advertising industry. As original developers of Poly Pak advertising in 1974, the founders of TradecorpUSA, who were using polyethylene as an advertising medium, had to develop their own sources of extrusion, printing, and converting. These relationships have evolved and matured since that time.

Merging with a polyethylene manufacturer in 1977, the principals identified High Molecular High Density (HDPE) as a packaging force to augment and, in some cases, supplant it's low density (LDPE) cousin. In 1978 the first domestic, commercially manufactured HDPE can liner was introduced at the Atlanta ISSA show. We were told that it was too thin, punctured too easily, and the public perception would cause it's eventual demise.

The rest of the story is etched in history.....HDPE achieved its rightful place in the marketplace, and because of its operational and economic advantages will continue to grow its market share. Since HDPE was pioneered by our staff over 25 years ago, we have continued to explore new and profit enriching opportunities for our customer base.

Today TradecorpUSA, with it's manufacturing and import partners, can supply the complete spectrum of HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE packaging. Domestic as well as offshore manufacturing enable our customer base to enjoy products superbly designed, crafted, and positioned to meet the needs of a highly competitive business environment.

Because of its continuing involvement in the computer/high tech industry, packaging products that meet the needs of this highly specialized industry have been developed. AntiStatic liners, specialty bags, and roll stock that meet and exceed military specs, are manufactured by our NJ facility. When required, certificates of analysis verifying the authenticity and performance of individual job lots, are supplied at little or no cost. This assures you that the products you deliver will meet the rigors of lab and bid scrutiny.

At our facility in the Philippines, small HDPE bags are produced for the food service and industrial market. Replacing traditional LDPE because of its superior performance and cost benefits, this bag facility could open a vista of selling and profit opportunities for your company. USDA safe handling messages are preprinted to save your meat and poultry packers both time and money. They save and you earn!

At our Northern NJ warehouse facility, we stock HDPE T-Shirt bags, produce rolls, deli pouches, liners, and stretch film. The highest quality retail and specialty bags are manufactured in the USA and off-shore. Metal printing plates, employed in place of rubber, result in graphical quality that is unparalleled in print registration and color richness. Small job lots that require customization and attention to detail, are the hallmark of this facility and its highly trained personnel.

The driving force to incorporate seasonal and non-seasonal commodity items, was TradecorpUSA's decision to offer products such as Ice Melt and industrial/medical/food service gloves.

Since 1981, TradecorpUSA has continued to develop a diverse and responsive group of manufacturing partners dedicated to providing goods and services that meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

You will find us to be passionate about customer service and you can be assured that our background and experience in all forms of packaging and commodities will help you open and drive innovative, profit centers.


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